Friday, October 21, 2016

Only 99¢ - Must Read Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller - ICE

1-kevin-tinto-big ICE 

(Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson Thrillers Bk1)


Only 99¢


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    ICE has been named the Winner in the ACTION/ADVENTURE category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Congratulations!" Next Generation Indie Book Awards  


Archaeologist Leah Andrews stumbles upon something inexplicable in southwestern New Mexico: inside a dark cavern lies an undiscovered, Native American cliff dwelling abandoned for 800 years. While twisting through one of the narrow underground passageways, Leah’s flashlight illuminates the remains of a violent massacre.  

Ancient human remains—all slaughtered in a long-ago massacre—cover the cavern floor, along with a number of brilliantly colored, granite crystals. The rare crystals are native to only one place on earth: a frozen mountain range in central Antarctica.  

Could Native Americans have traveled to the frozen continent of Antarctica 800 years prior to the first known human exploration? If so how? And why?  

There’s only one person who can get Leah to those mountains in Antarctica: her estranged husband and climbing guide Jack Hobson.  

At their destination they make a stunning discovery that will change history and science forever. But Leah’s team is far from the only interested party.  

As her secret makes its way to the highest levels of government, a race to seize the Russian-claimed Antarctic territory brings the world to the brink of nuclear conflict.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Free Time Management and Productivity Hacks

dominic-mann-time_management_book_cover_01 Time Management:

  How to Manage Your Time, Be More Productive, and Overcome Procrastination (Productivity Hacks and Time Management Skills)  

FREE Oct. 16 - 20


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 By the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be charging through your to-do list like a sumo wrestler on crack. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the thing: Time management is like warfare. The right strategies ensure effortless victory.  

And guess what? Inside this book, you too will learn to conquer your goals with ease.

You’ll discover powerful strategies and explosive (usually not literally, but be careful!) techniques that will enable you to get more out of your day.  

Learn from the best. Rockefeller. Elon Musk. Napoleon.

Discover… Why the world’s most productive people—from Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to presidents of the United States—don’t use to-do lists (and what they DO use).  

How John D. Rockefeller used a little red notebook to become insanely efficient.

The lethally effective strategy Napoleon used to swiftly conquer Europe (and how YOU can use it to swiftly conquer your to-do list). And more! Maximize your day. Multiply your results. Learn…  

The surprising McDonald’s secret that will catapult your productivity into the stratosphere.

How one of history’s most successful writers managed to write 65 full-length novels, despite having a full-time job. The journaling habit used by world-class athletes to achieve greater results in less time (and how YOU can use it to multiply your own results). Why pretending you’re on an airplane can quadruple your productivity. And more!  

Wring every last drop of value out of your workday and rapidly conquer your biggest goals. Save Save

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Get Your FREE Copy of THis Fantasy Adventure Novel

david-day-the-punished-1 The Punished


FREE Sept. 25 - 27


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In the eastern trade city of Winslow, troubles intensify. Someone is creating The Punished, tortured souls who may rampage, killing knights and peasants alike. Mages are disappearing. Their devastating power had limited war within the feudal country known as The Realm. In the City of Winslow, Brother Cecil, a militant monk and political meddler brings together a trio to combat these developing threats and save each from the fate that looms before them:  

Job – orphan and protégé of Brother Cecil. He is independent and devoted to helping others but his talents lean towards darker pursuits.  

Amandine – Book smart daughter of merchants and a low power mage. She is unable to defend herself from the powerful Arch Mage’s alone.  

Zedakai – Proper, organized and the third son of Count Winslow, liege of the city that bears his name. His brothers fear his talent with a blade.  

Together they must discover the source of The Punished, find the reason mages have disappeared and combat the developing crisis in Winslow or watch their loved ones and their city fall. Save

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Master Your ECHO with this FREEBIE


Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo [2016] Blueprint: Enrich Your Life with Alexa and Amazon Echo

FREE Sept. 18 to 21


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  Stress-Free, and Hands-Free with Alexa! (Amazon Echo Dot Home Automation)  
Do you want to know what the Amazon Echo is truly capable of? Do you feel you're getting the best out of Alexa? Whether you want to (1) make home life easier with the Amazon Echo,(2) setup Alexa in minimal time, or (3) understand all of what Alexa can and cannot do currently, this Amazon Echo User Guide will get you there. How many lost, tireless, frustrated hours would it take for you to learn all of this on your own? Amazon Echo 2016 User Guide focuses on clear, concise, and simple step-by-step instructions that will allow you to command Alexa in any home situation. You'll walk away knowing exactly what to do to make your home life more enjoyable with Alexa. This book doesn't share what can easily be found through Google nor is it littered with vague details that help no one. This guide is your first step to becoming an expert on the Amazon Echo in minimal time. Why listen to me? I’m a three-time #1 Amazon Best Selling Author in Computers & Technology and Consumer Guides and I’ve sold over 50,000 books on technology!  

What will you learn about Amazon Echo?
✔ Answers to all FAQs on Amazon Echo and Alexa
✔ How it could save your life or a loved ones (..literally)
✔ If it's worth buying compared to the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap
✔ How to set it up to control the lights, temperature, and garage with just your voice
✔ Where and how to easily stay up to date with latest updates and releases for the Echo  

You will also gain access to four free bonuses:
✔ An A4 Echo cheat sheet print out for your reference
✔ A Double-Sided A4 Echo cheat sheet print out with over 60+ Commands
✔ A list of 180+ easter egg and joke commands to get funny answers from Alexa ✔ A five page document with 100+ commands sorted by category (music, weather, timers etc)  

Stay with the times. Leave behind the difficult way of doing things, the future is here with Amazon Echo, and it will only get better and better with Alexa's never ending updates. The Echo has already improved thousands of lives around the world, with this user guide at your command, your home life could be even better. Get off the fence about the Amazon Echo and see if it's really worth its weight in gold.  

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A demon lurks within the shadows of his school... daybreak!



A demon lurks within the shadows of his school...  

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After losing his parents in a tragic house fire, mind reading teenager- Taideo Kavita, leaves Biloxi, Mississippi and begins living with his grandmother Rosie, in the dank and mysterious town of Olah, West Virginia. While trying to adjust to his new school and peers, Taideo soon discovers a world he never knew existed. A demon lurks within the shadows of his school, it craves to steal Taideo's powers, and will do it any way possible, even if it means killing him! Save

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Free Book on the Philosophy of Life

Gopi Japa -Lifen_Revolution_Cover_for_Kindle

Lifen Revolution!

Living in illusions of reality? Act soon, before you become a victim of your own imagination. Philosophy, Criticism, Religion & Spirituality, Atheism, Non Fiction  


FREE on Amazon: 9/1 - 9/5


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What are we? The most intelligent animal? Most innovative? Most stupid? Most barbaric? Most whining? Most merciful? Best imitators? Most dramatic? Most hardworking? Most destructive species? Again, what are we?  

Lifen Revolution will shake the thinking and perception of the human race who are lost in their own creations and imaginations, and who have drifted far away from reality. It helps every individual to re-evaluate themselves and celebrate their life while they are ALIVE!  

Living in illusions of reality? Act soon, before you become a victim of your own imagination. Do not make a "choice" of not to make any choice.   ... Save Save

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Free Book - Unlimited Motivation!

Dominic Mann unltd motivation Save

Unlimited Motivation:

  How to Stay Motivated, Be Productive, and Stop Procrastinating (How to Motivate Yourself, Stop Being Lazy, and Kill Procrastination)  

FREE thru Sept 1st.


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Hate feeling lazy and unmotivated? Wish you could conquer laziness and stop procrastinating? Want to be productive, achieve success, and feel great?  

What if you could unlock unlimited motivation and conquer your goals?

Unlimited Motivation teaches you one of life’s most important skills. A skill that can mean the difference between achieving success and settling for “good enough” — the ability to master your motivation and state of mind.   By the time you’ve finished reading Unlimited Motivation, you’ll know exactly how to get yourself super pumped, stay motivated, and smash through all your work while feeling great.  

The science of motivation.  

Discover the scientific studies that reveal exactly how motivation works. Learn the powerful hacks, easy habits, and proven techniques that enable you to unlock virtually unlimited motivation.  

How will you learn to skyrocket your motivation?  

The Harvard study that reveals how to boost motivation and eliminate stress — in less than 60 seconds! How to develop a “Kickstarter Routine” to replenish willpower and energy levels. The ancient philosophy that enabled everybody from slaves to Roman Emperors to overcome obstacles and unlock motivation — just with their mindset. The motivation hack that enabled Muhammad Ali to become the greatest boxer of all time. And more!

 Unlock unlimited motivation and soar to success. Feel great, do great, be great. To supercharge your life and conquer your goals, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!   Save

Sunday, August 14, 2016

YA Paranormal Romance Fans

Ash Night-Juliets Lullaby


Juliet's Lullaby

  YA Paranormal Romance    
by Ash Night    

What would you do if the love of your life hated you for what you are?  

Get Your Copy Now!


At fourteen years old, Topaz Tylers thought he had it all. He had loving parents and his best friend Juliet. He would've given anything to make Juliet happy. Killed after an act of chivalry, Topaz is thrown into a world he never dreamed existed, much less understands. He struggles with his new power and the fact Juliet fears him for what he is. Forced to give him up, his parents put him in a foster home. After he begins to adjust, tragedy strikes and Topaz meets Aubrey Asher. The two become fast friends. Alex, Aubrey's brother, is another matter. Topaz can't stand him so why he agrees to go on a trip to Hell to save the older Asher brother is beyond him. Although a trip to Hell is an excellent distraction from the news that the girl he loves most is now a vampire hunter. Save

Monday, August 8, 2016

Free Thriller with Female SuperHero

ana elise meyer - marie


Female SuperHero 

(Teumessian Trilogy Bk1)


Free Aug 8-12


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The human search for a solution to disease and physical decay has driven many to go to extreme measures.  

Dr. Carl Stanley’s efforts are no exception, his creation, Marie becomes the picture of physical perfection; possessing the ability to heal at a rapid rate. She has been groomed from infancy to apply her gifts in the service of war. However even a woman given all the physical gifts in the world is not immune to pain and suffering.  

One can only be pushed so far before pushing back. Can they handle what they have created....Can she? Sometimes the cure is far more dangerous than the disease….. Save

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Free Poetry Book by Deceased Author

Yegor Andrianov-Hauntings_of_Welcome_Cover_for_Kindle

Hauntings of Welcome Addiction

  Poetry/Lit Fiction  

FREE Aug. 7-9


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Yegor Andrianov is a poet cut off in mid-sentence. A voice about to soar and then stifled. His first book, "Hauntings of Welcome Addiction" is both provocative and frustrating. With rough edges, it still impels us to reach beyond the mundane for the transcendent. His gritty legacy is one of jaundiced compassion and force-fed hookers. Of grabbing grace by the throat and softly asphyxiating on cynicism. Beneath the tales of war and the streets of New York, addiction and ripped up love, an undeniable vulnerability shines through. He is finished before he begins and never begs pardon for leaving us hanging. Save Save Save

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Election 2016 - Must Read Before You Vote


BEFORE you VOTE this year!

Lisa Fontana-Me_The_People_ad

This book Welcomes people to politics for the first time or into a world they are more comfortable. Provides the tools to decide upon and choose the next President of the United States. It is the civics class that we never had or didn't get enough out of. Plus how to Register to Vote.

Available on Amazon or 



Saturday, July 30, 2016

Buddy and Bea - Life's Amazing Lessons

len Saunders - Buddy n Bea Buddy and Bea

Life's Amazing Lessons

"The story of a bud on a tree and a bird named Bea."

 By Len Saunders - an award winning author, motivational speaker in the fight against childhood obesity.


Get Your Copy Print or Kindle

  Buddy and Bea is a gentle, caring, loving and inspirational story about the Circle of Life that will foster happy emotions. It is the tale of two friends named Buddy (the leaf) and Bea (the bird), and the special relationship they created. Buddy and Bea have a remarkable friendship, where the readers will adore and fall in love with them through their magical journey. Bea watches Buddy blossom from a tree branch, mature into a leaf, and grow old with beautiful colors until Buddy falls from the tree at the end of autumn.   The love and bond they share is something special.

The main objective of this book is to educate children on life and loss in a non-threatening manner. Buddy and Bea is a heartwarming story that is simply enjoyable to read. A child does not need to experience loss to enjoy this uplifting story. Also, please be aware, there is no mention of the word 'death' in this book at all. It is just a warm and fuzzy story. Enjoy! Save Save Save Save

Finally Get in Shape with this FREE Book!

Steve Lumen-The_Bulletproof_Guide_to_Finally_Get_in_Shape The Bulletproof Guide 

to Finally Get in Shape:

Develop a Lifetime Self-Discipline to Exercise on a Regular Basis for the Rest of Your Life  

FREE July 30 to Aug 3


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  You want to lose that extra weight, get in shape, and become the energetic person you know is hiding inside of you, but then you fall into that habit of “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tired and bored from spending endless hours at the gym but seeing no results and are you struggling to make time for proper workout? Save

Grab this Freebie - Mindfulness: Removing Negativity From Your Everyday Life



An Eight-Step Guide to Finding Peace and Removing Negativity From Your Everyday Life  

FREE July 30-Aug 1


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    "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path." - Buddha  

If you are looking for one thing to slip easily into your daily routine that can have far reaching benefits from mitigating the pain of minor aches and pains to decreasing your risk of major diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, then practicing mindfulness takes the cake.  

By simply taking the time to focus on being as in the moment as possible you can cause real, positive changes to your brain as well as improve your mental state as effectively as if you had taken pills for the privilege. Intrigued? This book has the answers you seek!    

Achieving a state of mindfulness is done by simply focusing on the sensations your senses are experiencing every second, sensations that mental filters naturally tune out in favor of louder external stimuli. To do so, all you need to do is take deep, controlled breaths and focus on doing so to the exclusion of all else. While it sounds simple, it is quite difficult in practice which is why you will find everything you need to practice mindfulness in literally any situation. Inside you will find numerous exercises designed to teach you about proper breathing, proper mindsets and numerous ways to make the most mindfulness out of even the worst situations.  

Here’s what to expect in the Eight-Step Guide:
    • One quick and easy breathing exercise designed to give you a quick and effective boost of energy.
    • The secret to acknowledging thoughts without interacting with them.
    • How to get all of the effects of a mindfulness session in a single minute.
    • Several ways to make your workplace a haven of meditation.
  • And much, much more…

 Regularly practicing mindfulness has been shown to have real, practical benefits across all facets of life and it can be done while you are commuting to work, having your morning coffee, or even while you are online viewing social media. There is literally no excuse to give it a try. What are you waiting for? Get this book today! Save Save Save Save Save

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FREE - The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT

jonas - m williams -dropship Dropshipping:

  The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple - Find, Launch, And Sell Your First Private-Label Product  

FREE July 29 - Aug 1


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  Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple - Find, Launch, And Sell Your First Private-Label Product (Dropshipping, Dropshipping For ... With Amazon, Dropshipping Suppliers) In Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple--Find, Launch, and Sell Your First Private-Label, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to getting your business off the ground and out the door. By utilizing dropshipping you can maximize your profits and streamline your shipping needs.  

Here’s what to expect in the guide:
  • What dropshipping is
  • Finding a profitable product
  • Creating your online store
  • The Ins-and-Outs of a product launch
  • Finding the right suppliers
  • Setting up a long-term promotional plan
  • Identifying common mistakes and how to avoid making them
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Streamline your business processes
  • Boost your sales and maximize your profits
  • And much, much more!
If you’re ready to commit to your business and its future profitability, then this guide is for you. With clear, detailed instruction that leads you from the conception of your business to its long-term processes, business maven and world-class consultant Michelle Williams has outlined the perfect guide to dropshipping and how you can make it work for you. Make your money work for you and grab a copy of Dropshipping: The Ultimate Dropshipping BLUEPRINT Made Simple--Find, Launch, and Sell Your First Private-Label today! Save Save Save