Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Burning Times and Grimme (The Europas Cycle) by Peter A. Smalley

The Burning Times (The Europas Cycle) - In this fast-paced alternate history novella, a renascent European civilization struggles to raise itself out of darkness - but to do so may require the destruction of a far older civilization. From the guttering flame of the fallen Aquilonia Empire comes the spark, igniting the forests of Gothia, home to the not-quite-human Folk of the Wood. An age of darkness has given way to the Burning Times.  Two centuries after the Aquilonian Empire was brought down by.........SEE IT ON AMAZON.

Grimme (The Europas Cycle) - .......Now, when all seems safely settled and the dangers of that dark age are a distant memory, the descendants of Wilhelm Grimme will be called upon to solve a mystery that grows from a family matter into a spiraling crisis with the potential to rock the foundations of the Kingdom of Gothia and threaten the balance of power in Europas itself.
In this tale of an alternate history of Europe, human civilization has come out of an age of darkness to....... SEE IT ON AMAZON.