Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crime Thrillers from J. E. Taylor

Vengeance (A Steve Williams Novel) - Living large in New York City as a corporate lawyer for the most savvy drug lord on the East Coast, Special Agent Steve Williams carefully plots Charlie Wisnowski's downfall. His plans go to hell when his wife Jennifer survives an attack by a serial killer. With her life in jeopardy and his undercover guise threatening to unravel, he orders Charlie’s arrest. But the sting goes woefully wrong and ......... What he uncovers chills him to the core ........The hunt begins . . . SEE IT ON AMAZON.

Hunting Season (A Steve Williams Novel) - When Kyle Winslow escapes from custody and targets everyone Special Agent Steve Williams cares about, a turn of fate brings Steve face to face with Ty Aris – a criminal mastermind topping the FBI’s most wanted list. Torn between justice and vengeance, Steve must make a decision. Join alliances with Ty, or arrest him and lose his best chance to catch the bastard who destroyed his family.  SEE IT ON AMAZON.

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