Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Ishues – A Second Helping of Del’ishcious ‘Ish” – Volume 2 by Regina Griffin

BOOK LAUNCHING TODAY! “Ishues – A Second Helping of Del’ishcious ‘Ish” – Volume 2 of Regina Griffin’s wonderful witticisms guaranteed to provoke laughter, thought and great conversations!

The book's title begs the question, "What is 'Ish?" The author defines 'Ish as a random, eclectic statement intended to provoke action or emotion - whether amusement, frustration, happiness or angst. 'Ish can also be any wanton expression or point of view that creates a gust of thought.

From arguably, usable advice to satirical comments, humorous one-liners and simple nuggets of wisdom, "Ishues - A Second Helping of Del'ishcious 'Ish", has plenty of banter to dish.

You will ROTF, LOL and scream OMG as you gobble up this heaping, second helping of 'Ishues'. Contests and prizes! Come up with a witty “’Ish” or two of your own!