Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Vintage Mom:
A New Vintage-Inspired Magazine
For Moms And Women!

A Message from the Editor In Chief: 
Cio Wilde:

I love all things vintage! From classic fabrics and colors to hunting down the right accessory to vintage media, vintage finds are always interesting and fun. Vintage pieces can give a unique look and feel to an outfit or a room. As a writer, my favorite topics are vintage, fashion, homemaking, healthy living and life. I have found that people like fashion for different reasons...I enjoy the artistic, creative, colorful side of it...designing, & putting it all together...making new, creative friends and sharing similar interests and ideas...and I am especially touched when I see a purposeful fashion event, like many are, where money is raised for helping children, disease, and hopeful students! I've loved fashion as long as I can remember, and I've been in the beauty and design industry since the time I modeled in 6th grade...since then, I couldn't wait to purchase the new issue of Vogue magazine...but I was drawn to the more classic modest styles. As an lds christian mom, I saw a need for a women's magazine that featured modest alternatives to fashion and trends. "Mormon mom"s like fashion too, but many of the current cuts and hemlines don't work for us. I'm excited to share a magazine with moms that encompass several of my favorite things, things I hope many other moms enjoy as well. Enjoy!

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