Sunday, July 22, 2012

LadyStar - the DreamSpeaker by W. Scott

"Boys are stronger than girls." 

That's what Jessica Hoshi has always been told. She never believed she could fight until she picked up the golden blade Aria and opened a powerful magical lock. Now only Jessica can call upon the weapon's gifts.

Without her, the sword is powerless, and without the sword's abilities and those of its companion weapons discovered by Jessica's friends, the people of Aventar are defenseless before an army of fiends, both living and unliving.

At age 14, the weight of her new responsibility as a warrior is nearly as frightening as her enemy: a sorcerer and master of illusion with legions of minions at his command. With only her sword, her courage and her friends to strengthen her, Jessica must learn to survive and protect others, and time is running out. It is in the voice of Enken, a noble's apprentice, that Jessica hears the idealism she wishes to defend, and it is in his eyes that she sees something more: something she never expected to find so far from home.

To become a true warrior, Jessica must learn that girls can be just as strong when standing between evil and the innocent. Can she succeed where champion knight, army and sorcerer have failed? Can Jessica Hoshi's optimism and strength of will lead to victory?

 LadyStar: The Dreamspeaker is the first novel in the Ajan Warriors Series.