Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Every Teacher Matters


Every Teacher Matters

Inspiring Well-Being Through Mindfulness  
By Kathryn Lovewell
Kathryn Lovewell’s book has such a powerful role to play. If every child matters, then it must follow as night follows day that every teacher matters. Felicia A Huppert, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge

 Teachers are the most valuable resource in Education. Why is it that so little investment is made to supporting teachers to ensure they can sustain effective teaching and learning in the classroom? What if we were to invest time and energy back into the core of education, the teachers? What if we were to publicly express how valuable teachers really are? What if we lived in a society that made emotional health and well being in the workplace a priority? What if we lived in a world where emotional intelligence was prioritized over any other subject so that learning could be accessed more easily and effortlessly?
This is an important book that should be read by: School Administrators Teachers Parents


Meet the Author: Kathryn Lovewell

Every Teacher Matters Kathryn is the author of: EVERY TEACHER MATTERS.... Inspiring Well-Being through Mindfulness - This new book: recognizes the immense value and importance of socially and emotionally competent teachers and the impact teacher well-being has on student behaviour and achievement. Having taught inside and outside mainstream education for the last 20 years, Kathryn specializes in emotional resilience. She trains Senior Leaders, Teachers, students and prisoners to manage their stress healthily and effectively to cope with the ever increasing emotional and psychological demands of teaching and learning. Kathryn’s mission is to reduce stress in schools and promote well-being. She is committed to heart-centred teaching and learning, where education embraces the well-being of every teacher and student.  

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