Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life's Recipe For a Rich Soul

  Life's Recipe For a Rich Soul with the help of the Law of Attraction
by Stanley Dawejko Jr

 One of the best inspirational books of all time. In this powerful self help book, you'll learn the secret to change your life, find your soul, be successful, improve relationships & achieve your dreams. Proof the Law of Attraction works!


Thoughts the Universal Code of Creating Your Own Reality

by Stanley Dawejko Jr

This book will help you understand why you might not be manifesting what you truly want. A powerful book that will help you understand the Law of Attraction in a whole new way. This step by steps book shows you how powerful your thoughts truly are and gives you the knowledge to understand why thoughts become things. Stanley gives you all the secrets you need to help change your thoughts to help make your dreams become a reality. This book will completely change your life and redefine the way you think.