Friday, September 21, 2012

Shadolis: A King's Story

Shadolis: A King's Story

by CB SIX With Holly Zvonec  

 Jack flies into the small town of Herscher, Illinois for the first and last time. The job should have been an easy one for this highly skilled assassin. But when his target gets delayed, by what at first appears to be natural causes, his day begins to encounter a strange turn of events. Jack’s target, Martin Turner is delayed by a winter storm so severe that it grounds every departure out of JFK for at least 5 hours. Jack had Martin’s hit planned perfectly months ago but you cannot plan for the weather. Now Jack is snowed in with nothing on his agenda until Turner’s arrival. The once bed and breakfast, now remodeled inn, appears ordinary at first glance. However, it soon proves to be full of eerie vacant rooms and mysterious visitors. Some from a kingdom that Jack does not believe in. One who shows him true love. Others who wish Jack harm, and some who will fall into harms way because of him. Not knowing the dangers that surround him, Jack meets a seemingly innocent stranger who offers to occupy his time with a book called THE KING’S STORY. He soon learns a dark connection between himself, the Kingdom of Shadolis, and a thief in the book. Hidden between the pages, is the only answer for Jack escaping this remote town with his life. Riveting action and thrilling suspense unfold in CB Six and HH Zvonec’s hit new fiction novel.

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