Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?


Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?

A guide to help you live with purpose and make a difference 
by Sam Glenn

  What started out as a practical joke turned into valuable life lessons that Sam Glenn now shares with hundreds of audiences in his speeches. Sam Glenn was once down on his luck, depressed, sleeping on the floor and working odd jobs at night to get by. Sam's life changed in a big way when be applied these simple life lessons like using the best of who you are to achieve the best of what you want. This easy read will make you laugh, think and discover how to use all that you have to achieve all that you want. (80 pages)

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Meet The Author: 

Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is known at The Attitude Guy and has become one of the most recognized Authorities on the subject of Attitude today. Sam knows success and failure. At one time, Sam was negative, broke, depressed, homeless and got by working odd jobs at night as a janitor and delivering newspapers. Sam's attitude was in the dumps until a dear friend gave him what he calls a "Kick in the Attitude," a gift that changed his attitude for the better. Sam began to work on his attitude and made some life changing discoveries. With a new attitude in play, Sam went from sleeping on the floor and working as a janitor, to achieving dreams he once thought were impossible. Today, Sam is the author of several success books and energizes audiences as large as 75,000 at stadium events with his inspiration and humor. For the past 15 years Sam Glenn has worked with hundreds of organizations on Training and Development, Peak Performance, Employee Motivation, Staff development, Leadership Training, Fundraisers or simply kicking off an event with the purpose to create a positive tone. Great things happen when you adopt a great attitude and apply it daily. In 2011 he was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting and Events Magazine. In 2010, Sam was awarded a Telly Award for Most Outstanding Motivational Video. In 2009, Sam was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting Professionals International. Sam currently resides in Indianapolis, fishes in his spare time and spends as much time with family when he is not traveling and motivating groups for success.