Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beautiful But Broken -
How to break free from past abuse and pain

A glimpse in the mirror hardly tells her story. Though all appears to be normal on the outside, war is raging within. Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse have manifested as multiple insecurities and destructive behaviors she doesn’t even recognize. Confusion has taken its toll. Surrounded by magazines, television, music, and peers telling her who she should be, she feels trapped.

To whom can she turn for acceptance? She is exhausted, frustrated, and fed up. She has carried this burden so long. The protective emotional fortress she built to prevent additional pain has become a prison that keeps her bound. She is “beautiful, but she is broken.”…

Do you know this woman? 
Does she live next door? 
Is she your niece? Mother? Friend? 
Is she you? 
You don’t have to remain broken! 

Your release from this prison is long overdue.
Thankfully there is Great News… You don’t have to remain broken! Beautiful But Broken is going to reveal:

• How abusers use mind games to control you
• How to break free from negative thought patterns
• Eliminate Self-Sabotage
• Establish Boundaries to protect yourself
• Increase Self Confidence
• Techniques to attract only what you desire
• Eliminate Co-dependency
• The road map to finally accomplish those dreams and so much more!

 Prepare to be changed Forever; it’s time to move past your past.

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