Monday, October 8, 2012

Horror Novel - Demon Blood: Enlightenment


Demon Blood: Enlightenment 

by Tim Meyer

If you're looking for an epic horror novel, Demon Blood: Enlightenment is it. The story follows several strangers coming together to prevent the end of the world. A lonely drifter, following the gruesome murder of his wife and unborn child, is struggling to find his purpose in a world filled with evil and insanity, as he searches for the entity that led his life astray. A low-budget horror producer—and recent widow—has traveled across the states to seek out a man she believes to know the truth about her husband’s mysterious suicide.

Two brothers are left homeless when demonic spirits ransack their quiet country home, setting it ablaze, violently killing their parents, and forcing them into an enduring pursuit toward the truth. A mother’s world is shattered when she realizes her daughter’s soul has been taken hostage by one of Hell’s most dangerous villains. Ultimately, their separate paths interweave seamlessly as they come together in order to prevent disaster. They must stop a darkness from which no one will emerge. Even if victorious against the infernal forces, not all of them are guaranteed to survive. Between Heaven and Hell… Stands Humanity.

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About the Author: Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer is an author working on several upcoming projects. He currently resides in New Jersey, near the shore. When he’s not writing, hunting ghoulish entities, or balling hard on the basketball court, he’s usually annoying the crap out of his wife, the most amazing person in his life. The two of them live with their cat, Gizmo, a rambunctious monster who destroys almost everything.