Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
by Trent Pettigrew


LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy 

by Trent Pettigrew

Lie Detection and Statement Analysis

LIAR: Lie Detection Made Easy
Never Be Fooled, Conned, Duped Or Tricked By Little White Lies, Big Fat Lies, Or Even Half-Truths Again! Once you read this easy to understand, easy to use guide, written by a law enforcement professional with over 20 years’ experience in lie detection, you will easily be able to:  

Instantly Spot A Lie Do you have the feeling that you are being lied to? The truth is: YOU ARE. Liars are everywhere—but you don’t have to fall for their lies any longer.

You will learn how to spot a lie immediately—even in someone’s writing—without years of training!  

Have More Confidence In Relationships Can you imagine the advantages you would have in relationships, if you only knew the real truth all of the time? Learn the right way to ask questions and listen for the answers to determine if you are being lied to. Remember: The TRUTH will set you free!

Get The Whole Truth Finally open your eyes to the lies you are being fed every day. Politicians, pastors, friends, co-workers, and just about everyone you come in contact with has the potential to be a liar on some scale. This book will arm you with the tools you need to be vigilant, in-the-know, and to make the right decisions based on the truth. Don’t be a fool for one more day. All of the liars out there are depending on the fact that you will remain in the dark.
Buy this book now and never be a victim to liars again!  

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Meet The Author: Trent Pettigrew

Trent is currently employed as a State Trooper with a state in the Mid-South, holding the earned rank of Captain/Troop Commander. He holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and Business, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Management. He is also an expert in Body Language and Statement Analysis. Adjunct Instructor for a prestigious local university – Instructing courses in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, Criminal Justice and Ethics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, enjoying his kids' sports, and the outdoors, especially Colorado. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, Baylor baseball, and Slipknot!       ...