Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Instrumental Rabbi by R.D. Abruzzese

For Detective and Mystery Fans
The Instrumental Rabbi
 (A Professor McCauley Mystery)
R.D. Abruzzese

Sixteen horrific murders have occurred as Linda Roth prepares to leave her apartment and go to work on a sweltering August evening. Police patrols and helicopters that swarm the city do little to allay her fears. The "Subway Slasher" has called for another murder this evening and the city of Boston is frozen in terror.

The novel introduces us to the world famous investigator, Professor Stuart B. McCauley as he and his protégé Jenny Smith uncover what lies beneath this series of gruesome murders.

Their investigation leads them from Cambridge across New England to a remote genetic research facility in Easton, CT where they confront the imposing Chief of Security for the A.G. Bhermann Company.

Eventually. they arrive at the Weston, MA home of the Dr. Albert Scheiter, Chairman of the billion dollar industrial conglomerate and the richest man in the world.

Follow the murder, suspense, and intrigue as the investigators search to find meaning and motive for these seemingly senseless Subway murders.

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