Monday, October 22, 2012

The Mobile Youth

The Mobile Youth - 
voices of the mobile generation

One billion youth worldwide now own a mobile phone. Every single one of them has a story to tell. Author Graham Brown tracks down the voices of this disconnected generation from the slums of Rio's favelas to Amish kids in Lancaster County using cell phones to secretly access Facebook away from the prying eyes of their parents.

Each chapter is a story of innovation, hope and change. “Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation” is written for marketers, technologists and futurists alike interested in how today’s cell phone empowered generation will change technology, media and even government

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About the Author: Graham Brown
Digital anthropologist, ethnographer and cultural adventurer with a background in psychology. Since witnessing the growth of youth media and technology while living in Japan in the early 90s, Graham along with business partner Josh Dhaliwal has helped grow their research business to serve over 250 clients in 60 countries worldwide – names such as Vodafone, Apple and Coke. Graham is a regular public speaker and has presented at the 3GSM World Congress and been interviewed on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV and Radio. His work has also featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the Guardian. He is a daily guest on 2 radio shows talking about youth mobile culture and author of 5 books on Amazon.

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