Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Reverent Surrender -
When A Father Commits Suicide


The Reverent Surrender

by James Finster

The Reverent Surrender is an insightful memoir that tells the story of a father's dynamic and beautiful relationship with his son cut short when he took his own life. How does one retain the life lessons past on without becoming resentful of their father's decision? As an only son, James Finster, retells the memories of the life and times he experienced with his father and looks for the messages and teachings within them while finding the strength to carry on as a man and father himself.  

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Meet The Author- James Finster:

James Finster, born in Escondido, CA studied Literature at California State University San Marcos. He resides in Flagstaff AZ with his wife Jerusha and two daughters Vivian and Reagan. James enjoys writing fiction, children's shorts and published a non-fiction memoir entitled The Reverent Surrender in 2012, dealing with the suicide of his father.

"When I first set out to pen my experiences to paper I thought the finished product would be more of a self-helper than a memoir. As I wrote I realized I was entering into a very cathartic journey into my own mind. Having sought no help in my grieving process but that of my closest friends and family, I realized these words were my therapy, that in fact my keyboard became my therapy couch. I ended up with a memoir documenting my father's life lessons and legacy that included humor, tragedy, satire, and the love that can only come from Father to son. I wish I could have helped guide someone that finds, or has found themselves, in my shoes with a concrete guideline to grief, but this is my story, my lessons, my pain, and my rise to what I have now become, a Father. I feel everyone faces death with their own perspective, I only hope the reader can find solace within the ink that spewed forth from my heart and soul..."  

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