Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Kindle Book Today! Information Thieves


Free Kindle Book - Today Only - Nov. 11th

Science Fiction - High Tech /Adventure

The Information Thieves takes place in the same general universe as Raft People, but about a generation later. After the Big Flood, Houston lies under the new Sea of Mexico. New Tokyo is a floating city. Dallas has tried to absorb thousands of refugees, but has become a city of strata. That pattern is repeated in many other surviving cities all over the globe. On top are the high tech global companies that provide affordable energy and food. In the middle are the government, a shrunken middle class, and those who operate outside the strict rule of law. Residents of the booming tent cities - or the cities inside of the cities - lie on the bottom. One large tent city inside of Dallas is called Fat City. Things are starting to change there. The powerful new global companies consider information thieves as the worse sort of criminals. In the post-flood economy, information is everything. And the global companies are keeping secrets.

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