Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kiss and Spells
Romance by Karen Moehr

Kiss and Spells

Romance by Karen Moehr

When pragmatic career girl Belinda explores an odd new shop on her lunch break, she surprises herself when she buys two "how to cast spells" books as a gag gift for her best friend, never realizing the changes they have in store for her own life.

Working at her job (with which she has a love/hate relationship) she contends with a colorful cast of fellow employees, ranging from cowboy wanna-be Ty to the wildly inappropriate "I-know-where-the-bodies-are-buried" HR Manager Lorna.

As she works diligently to please her eagle-eyed boss and rise in her career when she unexpectedly meets handsome and older Alan Gregson, a new client who becomes both a fascination and a mystery in her life.

Work, boyfriend woes and margaritas are de riguer for her and her best friend Beth, and just when when she starts to see some light on both fronts, the twists and turns come at her fast and hard.
As Belinda navigates the changes in her life, she comes to realize what true love might be and how to finally make an impression on her difficult boss who has his own strange past and future problems brewing.

As she struggles with the changes happening to her, Belinda wonders if spells do indeed hold some magic. She bravely moves to take her career by the reins, make decisions for her love life and even help her friend in ways they never knew possible.

Meet the Author: Karen Moehr

Writing from my sunny office in Tucson, AZ, I enjoy working on various projects including my new upcoming book for small business, Mini Marketing Mogul and new contemporary fiction, 44 Good Reasons.

I have a great guy, two cute kitties and a serious desire to help women in business with my marketing books ... and... make them smile with my fiction works.

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