Friday, November 23, 2012

Shadow Selves


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Nov. 22 - 25

Shadow Selves

(Double Happiness - Vol. #1)

By H. Raven Rose


Summary: A blocked writer, can finally write... after she visits her mentally ill identical twin sister, is drugged and left on a locked ward in a mental institution, and her sister impersonates her and resumes her life. But when her sister has a psychotic break, she must escape the institution and reconnect to her psychically to save her from a sexual deviant stalking her in the present.  

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Synopsis: Lily Rose was a blocked writer finally desperate enough to go to the one place where her creativity could be hiding. The past. So she visits her mentally ill identical twin sister, in an attempt to find some answers, heal the past and create a better future. But when she does so, her sister drugs her and switches places. To her shock she realizes her sister has been planning this for years. When Lily Rose loses it, she ends up heavily drugged in isolation. But, after her initial shock and drugs wear off, and she’s free of restraints, she manages to adjust to life in the clinic. To her surprise, she re-discovers her creativity and is happy for the first time in a long while. Meanwhile her twin, Lily Beth, is enjoying her freedom for the first time in years. Off her meds, impersonating her sister, she pens a salacious screenplay based on her sister's journals and life is a series of high-class adventures... until the shadows of the past overtake her. When Lily Beth has a mental break down, Lily Rose must reconnect to her psychically, and face the truth of their abusive past, in order to escape the institution and find and save her sister from a sexual predator in the present.   ....