Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Retire in Thailand and
Double Your Income

How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income
by Godfree Roberts 


How people on fixed incomes can retire comfortably in Thailand: how to retire there on $1200/month now.

Learn about  everyday  living in Thailand, working there, learning the language, budgeting, shopping, eating Thai food, finding jobs in Thailand.  How to make Thai friends, and  what's the cost of living in Thailand? How to get a visa and a job.

There's even a chapter devoted to visiting Thailand for free.

Understand how and why Thailand's culture is so different from ours. The basics of the Thai language, manners, and customs.

Detailed spreadsheets of living costs, right down to Cable TV and Internet service. And precise costs of the common medical and dental procedures, from ordinary fillings to hip replacements!

Photographs throughout, plus links to things like government websites and travel services. Speaking of travel services, the book covers every major Thailand destination and gives livability guides for each.

A Message from the Author: Godfree Roberts

The Financial Crisis cost me my California home and my business and kicked me out of comfortable middle class life. After paying off my loyal, bewildered staff I was left with $1,200 a month from Social Security and enough cash for an airline ticket to somewhere. But where? Where on earth could I live comfortably on $1200 and have enough left to start a business? I'd grown up in Australia, lived in Japan and Fiji, got a doctorate at UMass, married, and started two US companies that afforded me regular European vacations. Suddenly, my needs were highest just when my resources were lowest. As you can imagine, I was somewhat frantic. I looked at every affordable destination on earth. Most were either too hot, too cold, too violent, too primitive, or too dirty for what I would call a comfortable life. Then I got a Facebook message from a woman I hadn't seen in 30 years. She was living in Thailand and suggested I visit her in Chiang Mai. Talk about timing. I'd visited Thailand in the 60s and been struck by its exotic beauty. But I was put off because it was full of troops on R&R from the Vietnam war. Now when I researched Chiang Mai I was surprised: HSBC bank's expatriate world survey rated Thailand #1 in the world as a place to live. And Chiang Mai is ranked the #1 place in Thailand to retire. Cramming as much of my life as would fit into three huge duffel bags I boarded a Royal Thai Airways flight from Los Angeles and, 14 hours later, walked out of Chiang Mai airport into blazing sun and a brand new life. It took me a full year to figure out the basics of where - and how - to live in this new culture. I wasted my remaining savings making beginners' mistakes but, even so, as each month passed I felt I'd made the right decision. Thailand turned out to be everything I'd read about and more. Most importantly, in Thailand my $1200 allowed me to rejoin the middle class. On that meagre income I've been able to create .........Click Here to Read MORE

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