Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Thing With Feathers


The Thing With Feathers

Historical Fiction 

by Anne Sweazy-Kulju

As the inhabitants of Cloverdale, Oregon, welcomed in the twentieth century, they were not unaccustomed to hard times and thorny situations. Small communities banded together for protection and hope. Heroes and villains were often difficult to decipher. When an itinerate Baptist preacher arrived with his baby daughter and a wife lost on the trail, there was no one prepared to suspect what lurid secrets and heartbreak he might be concealing. As the preacher sets his sights against those who might oppose him, the names and the lives of the good people of Cloverdale may not be spared. Yet in the midst of the machinations of a mad man, virtue and valor can persist. The Thing with Feathers is known to fly through wars, depressions, and natural disasters. Will the Marshall clan and the good people of Cloverdale find it in time?

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Meet The Author: Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Anne Sweazy-Kulju, her husband and daughter, transplanted from Southern California to the Oregon Coast in early 1990. They landed in the coastal hamlet of Cloverdale, where they completed restoration-slash-conversion of their 1906 Victorian farmhouse into a Bed & Breakfast Inn. Ms. Kulju published a recipe book for the Inn that also provided local history, stories, and facts. Later on she contributed a series of articles about the area to a regional travel magazine. Her two short stories, "A Party Favor," and "Not Quite Dead," were published, and later earned inclusion in the anthology, Agony in Black. Ms. Kulju's debut novel, "the thing with feathers," (Tate Publishing) will be ready to fly in September, 2012. The author just sold her second novel, working title, "Bodie," to her publisher, and it is now entering production. Anne and her husband of twenty-four years live in Pacific City, Oregon.

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