Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kylie's Blossoms

Kylie's Blossoms 
by Maria Jordan 

Meet twelve floral friends from the woods who teach Kylie some life lessons.

Richly illustrated with the colors of the seasons, this tender hearted story is about a seven year old girl, Kylie, and her teddy bear.

Each month in the year the two meet a new floral friend with wonderful lessons to share such as the value of: Loyalty * Constancy * Positive Energy * Hope * Trust * Love * Peace * Dignity * Protectiveness * Graciousness * Encouragement * Happiness

Both short format design, with seasonal interest, and colorful, whimsical illustrations will make this book a family favorite, to be treasured through the years.

Kylie's Blossoms tells the tender hearted story of a little girl and her teddy bear. Every month of the year the two meet a new floral friend in the woods. The charming designs surrounding the lessons that Kylie learns make this beautiful book the perfect gift, sure to become a year round bedtime story that all ages will enjoy.

Maria Jordan is a retired nurse and now teaches in PA. Intended Audience: Children and those who are young at heart. Each of Kylie’s twelve Blossoms offer a beautiful and concise lesson for the reader.   
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