Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh My Genetics Of Divinity


Oh My Genetics 
 Of Divinity  
by Joy Ghosh

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EXISTENCE is governed by a very specific code of Eternal Consciousness that was first instituted and put into application even before the Universe and humanity as we know it came to be. That same code without any change is operational and maintains the prefect balance in all 12 dimensions of EXISTENCE and governs all physical and non-physical entities This code governs the quality of our life experience.

The core principle of this code is to establish symbiotic collaborative relationships through the free will of mutual consent between the partners in the relationship for the purpose of collective coexistence and in the process, experience unbounded delight. When this core principle is violated, the core purpose for that entity to exist is lost and the entity is reinstituted in the grid of EXISTENCE.

This code that the author refers to and has trademarked as the Genetics Of DivinityTM is embedded as a memory system, an indelible operating system in our subconscious mind, stored specifically in the 2nd pair of DNA strands in the cells of the human body. This code holds the key to peace, love, harmony, security and abundance in your life experience and in the world that we live in but it lays dormant - shrouded in artificial man-made restrictive paradigms and belief systems that are finite, restrictive and punitive and hence have no foundation or basis in the grid of EXISTENCE. This natural code of the Genetics Of Divinity is hence ineffective to operate and enable your life to flourish. However, when this code is reactivated from your subconscious mind and allowed to re-surface into your conscious mind, your life experience would begin to transform automatically and guide you to your perception of unbounded delight as long as it is logical and ethically feasible. This book - Oh My Genetics Of Divinity is the first in a series of books, where the author explains the code and marks the rebirth of human consciousness on December 21, 2012. The code may appear technical to some readers, which is why the author has recorded video tutorials, providing additional insight on every element of the code included in this book. These resources are available to readers through the website at the Multiversity portal accessible through GeneticsOfDivinity.com, included within the purchase of this book.

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