Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Legend of the Child



The Legend of the Child

by D.L. Anderson

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 "The Legend of the Child" is the story of a girl as she comes to discover her “true” identity.

For sixteen years, Rae has spent her life on a Kansas farm with her mother Martha. Her life as she knows it changes when a mysterious man, who introduces himself as “Uncle Sam”, moves in to the farmhouse to help take care of the farm.

As her seventeenth birthday approaches, Rae experiences bizarre dreams almost every night. In one such dream, she has wings and flies high above the farmhouse until she sees a black shadow moving with the wind off in the distance. Little does Rae know that this dream will start a chain of bizarre events that will lead to her finding out her “true” identity and purpose in life.  

About the Author - D.L. Anderson

D.L. Anderson is the author of a series of fiction books. He grew up in a small rural town in Kansas, where he graduated high school and attended college, and met the love of his life, Micole. D.L. and his wife, Micole have two daughters. They still reside in rural Kansas. D.L.’s hobbies include working on computers, playing computer games, writing, Fishing and spending time with family & friends. D.L. has a series of fiction books that are about an Onus named Rahale (Rae for short). Rae grew up on a farm in rural Kansas with her mother and her horses, was homeschooled, and never allowed to leave the farm except with her mother’s permission. Her mother spent all of Rae’s childhood trying to protect her from the very things that she is battling now in her late teenage, early adulthood years. Many struggles and battles internally and externally will show Rae just how strong she has to become to survive.  

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