Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time Masters - Fantasy/Romance


Time Masters

Book One - The Call

Fantasy/Romance by Geralyn Beauchamp

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Shona Whittard had a lot. Everything she could possibly ask for, some would say. Except for the freedom to run her own life and make her own decisions. Other girls her age were all in their second year of college while she was still under her mother's and her tutor Julia's educational thumbs. Other girls went to parties. Shona was stuck at home studying some sort of cultural etiquette that Julia insisted she learn. She spoke 'proper' English. Something others teased her about. And she was well tutored as to what was acceptable for a young lady to do or say in not only the twentieth century, but the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries as well. Other girls dated. Shona, not allowed to date, was jealous of the freedom of choice normal girls had. Shona was just going to have to face facts. It was, after all, the logical thing to do. She wasn't some astounding musical sensation to be envied. She was a freak. Little did she know she was so much more than that ...

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