Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Dance with Shadows by Eric Adreon

Eric Adreon book

A Dance with Shadows

The Journey Beyond Sexual Abuse, Addiction, and Chemical Imbalance
by Eric Adreon

By the time Eric Adreon was in middle school, his role in life had already changed from being a child of light to a child of the shadows, raiding liquor closets and eventually trading in his No. 2 pencil for a syringe. What followed was a descent into darker places yet, with time in prison, crippling addiction, and chemical imbalances.  

A Dance With Shadows; The Journey Beyond Sexual Abuse, Addiction and Chemical Imbalance is the author’s intimate account of his journey through dark days to emerge through recovery and spiritual living. This inspiring, transformative story is certain to resonate with anyone who suffers from addiction, abuse, and chemical imbalances, and offers firsthand insight on how to move beyond the things that bind us.  

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Meet the Author: Eric Adreon

Eric AdreonAs a young child, Adreon experience sexual abuse from an older female, a confusing, conflicting circumstance that the author hid deep within himself. Instead of processing his pain, he first sought refuge in the liquor cabinet of his friend Mike’s father, and soon graduated to more intense highs in the form of illicit substances. His book reveals the tragedies he experienced as an adolescent, as well as the people who mentored him to move beyond the extreme highs and lows of being an IV addict, his struggles with Bipolar I disorder, PTSD as a result of sexual abuse, and ADHD. As a homeless drug addicted teen, his life became hopelessly defined by his dependence. He was held against his will by meth dealers, and incarcerated at a young age for drug-related crimes. In prison, he chronicled the life within those walls by writing letters to his mother, and chose to pursue a spiritual path instead of a life lived in accordance with prison politics and the "convict code." Eventually, Adreon recovered from his addiction, and not only leads a life in recovery, but counsel’s teens and adults with addiction in treatment centers. A brutally honest firsthand account of addiction and redemption, A Dance With Shadows; The Journey Beyond Sexual Abuse, Addiction and Chemical Imbalance offers a rare and raw perspective of an adolescent drug addict, a recovering adult, and a counselor in training who has worked with teen and adult addicts in treatment facilities. By casting a cold and candid eye on the dark terrain of abuse and addiction, this hopeful memoir clears the path for a journey to a life of light.

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