Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Early in July of 1947, 
something crashed in Roswell, NM. 
If you love UFOs or conspiracies, 
welcome home. T.I.T.O.R.

The military claimed it was a weather balloon. Witnesses insisted they’d seen bodies of aliens, and the wreckage of a UFO.

Sixty-eight years pass. On September 15th, 2015, an incident involving the Roswell wreckage escalates, and the massive nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States leaves five billion dead.

2098. Another eighty-three years have passed. Project T.I.T.O.R. is a reality. Hop machines are created by top quantum physicists Ephraim Caine, Jeff Waldron, and Rose Rios. These complex crafts are designed to do one thing: penetrate the time barrier.

Time is short. Earth; wounded, post-apocalyptic, with her dwindling resources on the verge of exhaustion, can barely support life. Project T.I.T.O.R. has a singular focus: send hop crews back through time, and find some way to stop the nuclear exchange. Save the Earth.

After more than two hundred routine missions, one goes awry, and that hop machine and its crew tumble from the sky. Hop 206 crashes near Roswell, New Mexico, in early July of 1947.

 In a mind-bending twist of fate, they've inadvertently set off an inexorable series of events that, if unchecked, will culminate in a nuclear war, and the slow, agonizing death of their living planet; the precise scenario T.I.T.O.R. was meant to preclude.

With everything stacked against them, can they succeed in changing history? Or will time prevail, blocking every effort to change it, and eliminating humanity in the process?