Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dishonesty Tangles

Ruben fematt Dishonesty

Dishonesty Tangles:

God's Soldier 

Caught in The Devil's War

by Ruben Michael Fematt

There is no explaining or defining Ruben Michael Fematt. The peace he sought in this life eluded him. He was raised to be a smart baseball player from his hometown California neighborhood of Wilmington, also known as 'The Heart of The Harbor'. Despite attending grade school at nearby Holy Family Catholic Church, Ruben went the way of foolish & dangerous behaviors towards the end of his teens. This looked to others as though his life had slowly spiraled into an abyss. As he grew older, Ruben began to write poetry for his family, friends & cellmates; and his poems were found to have documented an explicitly honest account of a journey thru dishonesty......

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 Genres: Poetry / American / Hispanic American  

More about: Ruben Michael Fematt - A Murdered Poet "Dishonesty Tangles: God's Soldier Caught in The Devil's War" is a new poetry book with poems and poetry for anyone who has a family member facing drug addiction or who may be on other paths of self-destruction. The words of murdered poet Ruben Michael Fematt are simply human, explaining an experience that was painfully dishonest thru a completely honest collection of poems that were left behind when he died.

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