Monday, March 11, 2013

The Elementalist by Andy Coughlan

andy coughlan the elementalist The Elementalist

Fantasy Novel
by Andy Coughlan

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Barin Elicerio is having a rough time. As an Elementalist he had both the physical and spiritual worlds at his command, but it's all taken away when he's found guilty of crimes he didn't commit.
Just as he's resigned himself to a lonely existence under house arrest, with only his two cats for company, a mysterious storm heralds the arrival of a pirate ship, and a whole heap of trouble for Barin.
When the Pirates tell Barin of mysterious things happening all over the world, the temptation to find out what's causing it all becomes too much, and leaves him running for his life.
Can Barin solve the mysteries, rescue the woman he loves, and save the world, before it's too late?

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