Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stolen Idol

Sri Vishwanath bk

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The Real Alchemist --

Transforming Complex Spiritual Beliefs to Simple Practical Truths



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  Stolen Idol is a fascinating philosophical mystery that deftly captures man’s struggle for knowledge of himself, his relation to society, and to his religious leanings. The story, as experienced by Vignesh, a precocious and curious 12-year old, centers around the theft of a sacred idol of Shakti from a village temple devoted to the goddess. In a series of encounters, as he searches for the missing idol, Vignesh enters into a dead man’s body to consult a learned astrologer. He is beset by a mystical force in a strangely powerful pond on the temple’s ground, and then has a confrontation with another occult entity on an interior mental screen. While providing hints about the stolen idol, this force also instructs Vignesh in the mysteries of life including the workings of time and multiple roles in multiple deaths. Sri Vishwanath is the author of numerous bestsellers including “The Power of Visualization” and is ranked in the top 50 most popular authors in “Mind,body and spirit” by Amazon. He divides his time between United States of America and Mumbai, India.     ...