Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Guide For Parents of Grown Children

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How To Help Your Grown Children Move Out: Ettie's Guide To De-Nesting


By Ettie Gyles

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With the growing number of young adults returning home to live with Mom & Dad, many parents are now struggling with ways to help their children find lasting independence. ‘How to Help Your Grown Children Move Out: Ettie’s Guide to De-Nesting’ was written to offer practical insights and clear guidance. Ettie addresses the dilemma the only way she knows how, with a calibrated plan. For parents, the goal should be clear and the calendar open. Setting specific milestones around a planned timeline is the clearest route to success.

Ettie’s Guide is designed to keep you focused on the prize, and motivated to see it through. Helping your young adult find not just a way out, but the right way out, can be a critical factor for years to come, for both parents and child alike. The aim here is to get it right the first time, if this is indeed your first time. Ettie’s Guide offers a structured but adjustable framework to help your team stay on-task and under-budget. Also covered are the common stumbling blocks that frequently can derail the effort, both before the departure and beyond. You already know what you want to see: your child living happily, independently, and elsewhere. The plan you put into effect should prepare your young adult to spread their wings wide, and hopefully remember to call every once in a while. Ettie can help with that.  

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