Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Free Quiz Books for Kids


3 Super Freebies for Your Kids!


Same Name Places Game

Parents! Say goodbye to... ...What's heard at home: "I can't play outdoors." ...And what's heard during travel: "Are we there yet?" Instead, prepare to hear lots of special facts from young geographers. Introducing "The Same Name Places Game (TM): #1, 2, and 3," an interactive quiz ebook written for the Kindle. Each game eBook has 30 interactive U.S. geography quizzes organized within 10 three-question chapters. Each question can take several minutes to answer. So, each eBook offers youngsters from 90 to 150 minutes of learning fun.  

Grab all 3 for FREE on August 5 - 7 Only!

USA Order links: Book1 -- Book2 -- Book3

UK Order links: Book1 -- Book2 -- Book3