Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Secret of Positive Thinking


The Secret of Positive Thinking

‘If You Can Think It, You Can Do It!’

  In the eye-opening new book The Secret of Positive Thinking, author Kingsley C. Njoku shares his insights on the website and home business opportunity he discovered that changed his life forever. This inspiring book will help you find your own successful path.

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About The Author: Kingsley C. Njoku

Upon completing a degree in law at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, Njoku, a Nigerian, found himself far from home and facing a crossroads. Looking to boost his confidence and gain the rewards that go along with a strong sense of self, he stumbled upon a centuries-old secret that brought him courage. He discovered the power of positive thinking and faith. He says, “Life is not what other people think it is for you, but what you think it is for you. You cannot determine your future based on your past because the past does not exist anymore, while your future is right there with you, in your hands. With the help of the secret of positive thinking, you will discover that your future holds treasures yet undiscovered.” He advises all to “follow your heart and lead your life.” Kingsley is also the author of: My Wife and iPhone: Anything Can Be an Addiction in Life Till... The Day I Will Never Forget