Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Is Witt -
Humor, Romance, Coming of Age

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This Is Witt

by Alfred Sterling
A coming of age novella with a dollop of romance and dash of humor

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For Chris Witt, life always seems to fall into place. He went to a top school, he's just married to his college girlfriend, and he's beginning a respectable career as a middle school science teacher. Only, below the surface, Witt is a wreck. The path he is on he did not choose--everything the result of manipulation by the people closest to him. Now, as his twenties fly by, Witt is realizing that he doesn't have a single clue about his own identity. Before the first decade of adulthood runs out, will he come to terms with living in his surgeon father's shadow, his sham of a marriage, and the girl who just won't get out of his head?

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Meet the Author: Alfred Sterling

Alfred Sterling lives in Annapolis, MD, with his wife, four children, and disorderly Australian Shepard. He has a graduate degree in Public Relations from Georgetown University. "This is Witt" is his debut work.             ...