Monday, September 23, 2013

Real Estate Investing - FREE GUIDE BOOK

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Real Estate Investing for Double-Digit Returns


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Real estate investing is a venture of diligence and foresight, and investors with a good sense of where property rents and values are headed can be very successful. Within this context, the book focuses on the foresight aspect of the real estate market, as it relates to a property's prospects for value gains. In particular, it first uncovers broader circumstances that create opportunities for substantial profits in real estate, and identifies four general categories of properties with significant profit potential. Subsequently, the book examines how such circumstances can be created in the case of residential, office, and retail real estate. Finally, the book describes specific sub-categories of properties with significant profit potential and examines the implications of the material presented in structuring high-return portfolios. The book should be of great interest to property owners, investors, and real estate professionals residing in any free economy around the globe.     ...