Thursday, November 7, 2013

Break Out Of Poverty Into Financial Abundance

Break Out Of Poverty Into Financial Abundance

SonyaThompsonBkIt’s time for the Body of Christ to break free from the spirit of debt, lack and poverty and step into the financial abundance the Father has prepared just for us. Throughout the Bible, God always prospered His people but something dramatically and radically wrong has happened to today’s New Testament believer. We have bought into an erroneous doctrine which has crept in through the pulpit. This doctrine says there is something wrong with Christians who want to and who do prosper financially. Your Father doesn’t want you making due with just enough or living from one paycheck to another. This powerful volume has been breathed on by the Holy Spirit Himself. He will open up your heart to receive His truths in the area of financial abundance. You hold in your hands the Biblical keys to break out of whatever financial prison you are in today. You’ll learn how to Break out of Poverty Into Financial Abundance!

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About the Author: Sonya L. Thompson

SonyaThompsonSonya L. Thompson is an ordained minister, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, business owner and certified life coach. She holds a B.S. degree in the field of Business Administration. Sonya is a bestselling self published author of “Business By The Bible,” "Seeds of Prosperity" "Break Out of Poverty Into Financial Abundance,” and Declare Yourself Wealthy.” She has been a key note speaker at several conferences and a special guest on many Christian radio and TV stations. She appeared as a special guest on “With God You Will Succeed”, with renowned speaker and teacher Dr. Tom Leding. Sonya is driven by a God ordained passion and purpose to share the “Living Word” with the Body of Christ especially in the area of business & finances. She is called to “Train, Educate and Advise through the Gospel with Simplicity and Purity.”

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