Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Scrub Brush And The Crystal Vase

Ann771-miley-scrub brush  

The Scrub Brush And The Crystal Vase

(for ages 5-10)  
("The Old Ugly Cup Kitchen Tales")

FREE Nov.30 - Dec.4

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 Introducing the second book from the “Old Ugly Cup Kitchen Tales” Series: There was a Scrub Brush in the kitchen who was always rude, loud, and very controlling. He was hanging on the little hook near the sink and from there could see everything that was happening around. One day, the lady of the house brought something home from the store in a small box, and placed it on the table.....  

-What was hidden inside this mysterious box? 
 -Why did the Candy Dish have to give up her title as the “Kitchen Princess”? 
 -What did the Cookie Jar and the Old Ugly Cup worry about? 

 Read this book to find the answers... and more!     ...