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Touching Shadows

Gracie_Oneil- TouchingShadows

Touching Shadows

by Gracie O'Neil

A Paranormal Romantic Thriller
Winner of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Readers' Choice Award 2007
Winner of the Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition 2007

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Art expert and psychic Megan Alistair had two things beaten into her early—her gift was valuable, and she was worth nothing. Now she hides both her gift and her heart, and plays a dangerous double game with the art underworld. Her quest? To find the painting whose whispers and shadows have haunted her since childhood. Rumor tells multi-millionaire Dominic Stone that Megan Alistair is an immoral, money-focused schemer. So when he goes to her with a business proposition to find a missing family heirloom he expects her to bump up the price and then jump at it—and probably jump him as well. He doesn’t expect her categorical refusal. He certainly doesn’t expect to find her attractive. Or courageous. Or vulnerable. Or humorous. And he sure as hell doesn’t expect this infuriating enigma of a woman to become as important to him as the mystery he needs her help to solve. Suddenly, for both Megan and Stone there is more at stake than lost heirlooms. The passion and desire unleashed could be more dangerous than learning those secrets whispered in shadows. If they don’t trust each other—and dare to love—their past could ruin them, their present could kill them, and any future together might well destroy them both. Touching Shadows is a full length (90,000 word) Contemporary Romantic Thriller with paranormal elements.  



Meet the Author: Gracie O'Neil

Gracie_OneilGracie O'Neil was born in London, and raised and educated in New Zealand. She lives in a state of cheerful chaos with her husband and pets; an old German Shepherd who snores like a buzz saw, a young German Shepherd who doesn't have an "off-switch", and a cat who ignores birds but steals their bread. She first began writing in earnest in 1998, holed up in an apartment in Marietta, GA, while her husband, a field engineer, traveled the United States for fifteen days a month. She started her second manuscript in a hotel in San Diego, where she discovered the joys of room service—something she fully intends to exploit again one day. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, counselor, office manager, technical help-desk operator, editor of a local newspaper, and technical documentation writer in the electronics industry. A former VP of RWNZ, she also spent a year as part of the editorial team responsible for Romance Writers of New Zealand’s monthly magazine, Heart To Heart. Her work has won the Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Readers' Choice Award, and the Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition.  
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