Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Secret of Slim


The Secret of Slim:

Healthy Weight Loss Through Simple Lifestyle Adjustments Inspired by Ayurveda
by Chris Chopra

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 If You Have 20 Minutes a Day You Too Can Reach Your Ideal Weight

Our great-grandparents didn't need to worry about weight loss, they lived the natural life. The latest fad diet backed by corporate funded research may help you lose weight overnight, but it will probably wreck havoc on your health as well. Isn't it time for a permanent and sustainable solution? The Secret of Slim is a weight loss system that uses the principles of Ayurveda - a 5,000 year old form of medicine from India. Ayurveda is completely natural and primarily uses diet and herbs to cure health problems. But what is the advantage of The Secret of Slim?
  • Natural - all the recommendations of The Secret of Slim are completely natural, that means no nasty side-effects
  • Health and Balance - "Ayurvedic Weight Loss" is actually a misnomer - losing weight is a side benefit, the goal is health and longevity
  • Inexpensive - fruits, vegetables, spices, grains (no wheat) and herbs are all you need, which are readily and cheaply available everywhere
  • Permanent Solution - The Secret of Slim gets to the root of the problem and solves it rather than trying to treat the symptoms
  • Customized - your body and constitution is unique - the way your body will react to a weight loss program is different to how someone else's body will react this is at the foundation of Ayurveda and The Secret of Slim
  • Personalized - The Secret of Slim personalizes the weight loss program for your specific needs and lifestyle

Meet the Author: Chris Chopra

Chris_Chopra_WavingChris Chopra grew up in America and has been in India learning and living Ayurveda since 2005. He is a registered member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and author of The Secret of Slim: Healthy Weight Loss Through Simple Lifestyle Changes Inspired by Ayurveda. ...