Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Mayonnaise Affair

Frank_Linn-Mayo Affair 


The Mayonnaise Affair

Adult Humor, Dark Comedy only 99¢

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Life was perfect for Ron Ramsey. But he wanted more. Dating the most beautiful woman in the world and living a life of well-earned luxury were not enough for Ron. With the help of Strawberry, a plus size prostitute in South Florida, Ron is able to carry out an act that is unplanned, inexpiable, unconventional, and yes with mayonnaise.

The Mayonnaise Affair is a short story -
Not for the prudish or those with a small appetite.

About the Author:

Frank Linn is a short story writer who was born and raised in Florida. Frank graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Political Science. When Frank isn't working his "desk job," he is at his other desk working on short stories as the best catharsis for dealing with other people's shortcomings. He lives in Miami.