Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Dialogue by Patric Chan

Patric_Chan - The Dialogue

The Dialogue

by Patric Chan

FREE March 11 - 13

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The Dialogue is the latest book written by best-selling author, Patric Chan, to further explore the meaning of life. In this book, you’ll discover: * What the “missing gap” in our daily busy life that holds us from feeling fulfilled is * Why money in itself doesn't bring success into your life, despite how much you could make, and yet, it’s still a commodity that you must have * What the “dialogue” really is and why it’s so important to you * What makes you look forward to tomorrow and the same reason why you cannot die, not yet at least * The 5 rules of happiness – with this wisdom, you’ll be able to master happiness Read this book to uncover the truly wonderful life that you have; through Jack’s story. It’s time for you to “break free” from everything else, and understand why your life is so meaningful and beautiful.   ....