Monday, April 28, 2014

A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love

Sheree Gay - A trap book MEMOIR of Triumph:
"Thrilling In The Extreme, 
"A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love

Sex, Seduction, Manipulation & Betrayal," is a definite page-flipper. This story is based on true actual events between my husband and myself. I loved him unconditionally from the moment our relationship started. However, little did I know about, "The True Darkness Within" covered up under his Narcissistic Personality. I stayed in the marriage for as long as I could and always feared leaving my husband for years, knowing I could possibly loose my children. My story is so surreal and true with all facts where I felt trapped by my husband and by the courts for fourteen years. I always felt there was never going to be a way out for me. This was my life of living in "A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love" with "Sex, Seduction, Manipulation & Betrayal." However, my true strength , courage and resilience came through as I found my inner strength to step out of the black box of fear by leaving my husband and challenging the court's decisions. My book has been written for men and women to use as a self-help tool, to share with family or friends who may be experiencing this issue in their lives. I am not a victim, I am a survivor."  

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