Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cabin Fever

janet Sanders - cabin fever

Cabin Fever

by Janet Sanders

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Sarah had her life all planned out. She would build her business, conquer the San Francisco startup scene, and then ... well, she'd figure it out when she got there. But then she was cheated out of her business and she retreated to the middle of nowhere, Oregon, to figure out what to do next. Waiting for her there was good coffee, kind locals, and the sexiest man she'd ever seen.  

About the Author: Janet Sanders

By day I edit websites and social media accounts. By night I tell stories - most of them just play out in my head, but a few I write down to see what other people might think. I'm new at this and still learning my craft, but I figure that as long as I write about fun and interesting characters who want things like love and fulfillment, I can't go too far wrong. book page: Pinterest:     ...