Tuesday, July 22, 2014

*New* Steamy Romance


Surrender to Ryan

*New* Steamy Romance  
by Cassandra Black & Whiskey Lee

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Destiny Jones has just relocated from Brooklyn, New York, to Rosewater, Virginia. A small yet bustling city, it’s located not too far from the scenic mountain town of Whisper Creek. After splitting up with her son’s father, who she still has feelings for, the last thing on Destiny’s mind is a relationship. A fling maybe, but a relationship? Never. But things may change when she meets the handsome war hero, Ryan Colby, during a long-overdue night out with her girlfriend. Not only is Ryan handsome and oozing with sex appeal, he’s modest, kind, and a perfect gentleman. But Ryan Colby is on a mission to heal his broken heart. To get his head together, he starts venturing outside of Whisper Creek, away from his business, to take up an old hobby -- and to find a woman for his bed. A hot-blooded, virile man, he knows he needs the softness of a woman’s body to quell the dizzying ache of his increasingly throbbing manhood. The woman he ultimately meets not only matches him in skill in his favorite past-time, she also matches him in the carnal need for unbridled passion. But there’s more to the sultry beauty than sex appeal; there’s something about Destiny Jones that leaves Ryan wanting more from her than she may be willing to give. As passionate sparks fly and emotions spiral out of control, two souls on a mission to ease their sexual desires and to forget their old loves, unexpectedly connect. Will Destiny and Ryan’s emotional realities -- and pride -- leave them trapped as simply friends with benefits? Or will they find themselves clinging to the hope of their own "happily ever after?"


CASSANDRA BLACK is a writer, publisher and entrepreneur. She has authored and published several business publications via Stone Cottage Books as well as a children's picture book and adult fiction titles on Amazon and B&N. Cassandra currently spends her time between the Caribbean and Atlanta, GA. NEW FICTION RELEASES: Short Romance Stories / Multicultural Romance Books-

***New*** Release: "SURRENDER TO RYAN," "LOVE AFTER CAPTURE," "LOVE AFTER HOURS," (Erotica / Steamy Romance) "HEART'S DESIRE ... Under the Taribou Moon, (PART 1)," "HEART'S DESIRE ... Under the Taribou Moon (PART 2)," "Loving Logan, PART 3," (final book in series) "Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove,"

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