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Shadow of Worlds - Science Fiction by JD Lovil

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Shadow of Worlds 

(The Worlds of Man)

Science Fiction
by JD Lovil

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 The world we see around us is but one of an infinite number of worlds. Every one of us walks from world to world in our lives, never knowing that we do so. If you ever have noticed that life always is as you expect it to be, this is the reason. Rafe is one of the few who can consciously walk through the shadows of the worlds. Anything that he can imagine, he can find in the worlds that might be. Our earliest ancestors knew that this great veil existed, and that it was possible to find the object of your desire in the place of your dreams. Whether you sought meaning in the Dream Time, or power in Arcana, the fools call it magic, and the wise call it Truth.

When our distant ancestors saw those who walked between worlds, they called them gods. Odin, Zeus, or Enlil, Brahma or Kali, all of these awoke to the truth of infinite worlds, and learned to travel among the worlds with purpose.

The world lines encompass all possibilities and all possible worlds. There are an infinite number of worlds in which humans, and some who are nearly human, live. Beyond these worlds are the ones that twist the mind into madness, worlds where the rules are not the familiar ones that we expect. Far from the places of humanity, there are places where, in all the universe, there are no places to stand, where even the stars have never formed, and some in which the hydrogen that fills our universe can never be.

Far beyond these worlds are places so incomprehensible that the eye refuses to see there, and the ear cannot hear there, places that are beyond madness, where the mind dissolves with the merest experience. In this place which is neither dark nor light, where no rationality or order is possible, there are things that live beyond time and space, things that hunger for all things.

The Scourge is from this darkest place, and it slowly intrudes into the shadows of order, bringing madness to both Man and world. It falls to the Walkers in Shadows to unite, and to seal the way against the Scourge, before the stain of the Scourge’s touch can twist all worlds everywhere into madness.  

Meet the Author: JD Lovil   A Modest Genius

JD Lovil pic JD Lovil was born in a small Town (population 795) in farm country, where the biggest crops were chickens, cows, and possibly Zombies. Assistant or Slave, he learned just enough about hand labor, mechanics, metalwork, plumbing and electrical work to be dangerous, and far more than he ever wanted to know about many other unpleasant tasks. Surviving many fine adventures over the years, and after having been rumored to be an agent for the Arcturian anti-movement movement, the Author has settled into the Phoenix Metro Area in Arizona, where he has avoided the Mayan Apocalypse by settling into a life of writing sedately, and so being indistinguishable to gods or aliens from an inanimate object.   ...