Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Masters Mashups -
From Shakespeare to Stephen King

Melissa Wilson-Mashups

Masters Mashups  

From Shakespeare to Stephen King

by Melissa Wilson

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The mashup has existed for ages, though the term only became fashionable in the past decade. Its recent, renewed popularity in the entertainment and technology industries proves blending the tried-and-true with innovation is a successful means to communicate with the masses. Literature is no exception. Take Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Need we say more? Author Melissa G. Wilson has breathed new life into the art form with Masters Mashup. Her book dives into and dissects the uncanny parallel lives of the King of Sonnets and the King of Horror and proposes fascinating mashups using several of their own masterpieces.  

What do William Shakespeare and Stephen King, born hundreds of years apart, have in common? You may be surprised.

Discover shared themes, interesting influences, eerie connections and key turning points


About the Author: Melissa Wilson

SONY DSCMelissa is an author of fifteen books (five on best seller lists), most of them on building networks for professional success. She has a passion to help others write, publish and market their own books as well as speaking and teaching others how to build successful networks.