Sunday, February 1, 2015

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by Jamie Hill

Are you looking to get started on Google Plus?

Pretty much everyone has used Google to search the internet but have you used Google Plus yet? If not, why not?  

Google Plus is an amazing platform to share and discover new and exciting information, with over 300 million people actively using the platform every month.

Are you one of these users? If not, why not? This Ebook is the ideal beginners guide to getting started on Google+  

With this Ebook you will learn how to: CREATE AN ACCOUNT CREATE A PROFILE ADD A PROFILE PICTURE SEND A POST ADD A VIDEO TO A POST ADD A PICTURE TO A POST COMMENT ON POSTS REPLY TO COMMENTS +1 AND SHARE START A HANGOUT JOIN A COMMUNITY PLAN AN EVENT And lots more including 15 bonus tips! So what are you waiting for? Get started on Google Plus today and come and say hi! See you on G+  


"Providing as much information in an ebook for as low a price as possible, saving you time and money" An ebook with informative and quality information should not be expensive so the reader always receives a great deal. Many so called experts charge so much and yet provide so little. The BAM series of ebooks, Become A Master, will provide you with a ton of information for such a small price. Jamie likes to write about business & lifestyle, passing on as many tips as possible to enable the reader to reap the benefits to enable positive changes and set them on the right path to achieve their intended goals in a straight forward way for both their business and personal life. In his spare time Jamie likes to read, exercise, dabble in websites and spend time with his family.     ....