Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Paranormals Series, Bk1 by Rumor Monday

Rumor Monday - Paranormals


(The Paranormals Series, Bk1)

by Rumor Monday

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Overwhelming odds are no match for true love… The beautiful city of Buzzards Bay, Arizona is known for its soft, sandy beaches surrounded by clear blue water as far as the eyes can see. But the picturesque city is hiding a dark and dangerous secret. It’s infested with paranormal creatures. Though paranormal law strictly forbids it, rogue paranormals have killed humans. While others, like Henry Brooks, are simply dismissive of humans and want nothing to do with them—until he is forced to kidnap Ellie Wilson.

Rumor Monday describes herself as a country girl who never quite got used to having chickens in the backyard. She now lives in New England, just outside of Boston, where she enjoys sitting in her backyard, minus the chickens, and writing stories. See Rumor's other books on Amazon