Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bad Faith
A Novel with Christian & Irish Humor
by Mike O'Connor

Mike OConnor - Bad_Faith


A Novel with Christian & Irish Humor by Mike O'Connor

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A huge lottery win is guaranteed to create a buzz in a small Irish village like Ceanngoorley. When the win in question is attributed to a talking statue of the Virgin Mary, greed and superstition collide in a tsunami of hilarious chaos. The corrupt Parish Priest - Father Fergus O'Hoora - plans to turn the village into a pilgrimage goldmine to rival Knock. Standing in his way is Bishop Patrick St. Patrick, who is prepared to stoop to O'Hoora levels of skulduggery in order to thwart his arch enemy. The foul-mouthed Parish Priest must also contend with statue abductors, a pair of eccentric Cardinals sent from Rome and a mysterious American tourist searching for his real father, who he believes to be a priest. Father O'Hoora is going to need more than one miracle to deliver him from this unholy mess!

About the Author
Mike O'Connor is an Irish author who traveled extensively before finally settling in his home county of Kerry. An avid fan of Monty Python, Viz comic and the Father Ted sitcom; Mike's style is irreverence with a dash of slapstick. He has previously had stories and novellas published in the erotica genre. Bad Faith is his first novel.