Sunday, April 12, 2015

GIRLS - A Coming of Age Collection
by Jo Vraca

Jo Vraca - GIRLS 


(Volume 1)

by Jo Vraca

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Girls is a series of short stories and poems about young women at the precipice of something big - moving out, moving on or running as fast as their sequinned sneakers will take them, as long as they're moving.

Jo VracaGood girls and bad girls, they're everywhere. Which one are you? Girls is a collection of short stories about young women in the city and the country, who are living with choices made by, and for, them. Dive into their lives.

  About the Author: Jo Vraca

Jo Vraca was born in Rosolini, Sicily to a seamstress and farmer. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia after her family immigrated in 1971. She is a born liar, and writing seems like the best outlet for all kinds of story-telling. She is about to publish her first full length novel, and "Girls: Volume 2" will shortly be available.